Bedouin Life

Bedouins live mainly on grazing, trading in livestock and handmade supplies in the wild.  Bedouins in Saudi Arabia, particularly raise camels and sheep. Life in the desert allows them to practice their traditional lifestyle away from the effects of urbanization.

Bedouins draw their customs, traditions, and identity from the environment and the circumstances that surround them. Among the most important of these traits are the courage and generosity.

Whenever a traveler in the vast arid desert, exhausted by the heat and sufferings during his long travel, lacking of food and water, and especially when he has no horse or a camel to ride on, he is forced to head to a Bedouin hamlet, where he is sure to be received with warm Arab generosity and hospitality, because generosity and hospitality are the main identities of the Bedouins even if they have scarce resources or diverged rainy seasons. ​

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