Hail Region
    • Ha'il, is the heart of authentic Arab hospitality and generosity. It is the land of famous poet Hatem Al-Ta’i, stories about whose extreme generosity dot the entire Arab world and the Asia region.

 Ha'il city

Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Ha'il city. Here you will encounter an ancient civilization that thrived, vivid through the city's monuments, heritage, ancient culture and Arabic traditions of the local population. As a visitor you will be pleasantly surprised by the vibrant atmosphere where the locals and residents surge with great enthusiasm to explore the surrounding desert and valleys when the weather is cool and temperate. Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, bird hunting, and even Hail Rally racing! Great adventures await you in the city of Hail.​​


 Atraction Sities

 Ha'il and the surrounding



 Shopping Centers

    • It is a leading commercial complex in the Hail city, and features many shops selling major global brands that offer discounts and special offers ...


    Hail’s climate of mild summers and cold winters is reflected in the local dresses. Light white clothes worn by men will reflect sunlight in the summer cooling down body temperature, and dark heavy clothes in the winter provide warmth to the wearer.
    Hospitality is an important custom that has passed down from generation to generation in Hail. It is one trait for which the people of Hail are well known. Visitors will delight with the wide variety of tasty local dishes.
    Hail celebrates its happy occasions with Saudi traditional dances with chants of melodious poetry written by locals. The enactment is rich in local folklore, which is a combination of Najdi and Northern Samiri styles.


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