Traditional Dishes

A few popular Saudi Arabian dishes that are ubiquitous in the region, and serve as unique diet staples for all social and economic segments of the Saudi society. The most common types of food and beverages are, Kabsa, Qurs​an, Mtaziz, Motabbaq, Masoob, Mandi, Arikah, Assidah, Haneedh, and many other local dishes.

There are various cuisines for all regions of the Kingdom. Most of these dishes carry healthy nutritional benefits and are rich in calories to give the body strength to work. Usually women are responsible for cooking the food in their homes. However, traditional restaurants have spread widely and you can taste any of these foods any time you like. The ingredients depend on the resources of the local environment.

Due to the large number of expatriates in the Kingdom, the circumstances required the emergence of a number of restaurants that have contributed to the introduction of some Arab and Asian dishes to the Saudi table. In addition to the spread of many Eastern and Western restaurants in the Kingdom, Western-style cafes are available offering hot and cold beverages and all kinds of Western, Arabic and international types of coffee, in addition to various other hot drinks.
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