• The city of Riyadh is both a modern metropolis and a historical and cultural treasure. Its characteristics are diverse, that range from the shimmering golden sand dunes, to modern shopping malls, distinctive heritage and cultural sites to urban construction panaches. Such diversity makes Riyadh city the core of life and vitality in the Kingdom.
    • It is the heart of the Islamic world, the cradle of revelation and the most sacred land on the earth. Islamic civilization and the mission of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), have started from its high mountains. Makkah is the home of science and varied cultures. Since, hundreds of years ago to this day, it receives and welcomes millions of visitors from all over the globe.
    • Al Madinah is the administrative center of the province as well as the most important Islamic city. It is a city of peace and tranquility and a place of numerous historical and archaeological sites, including those that stood during many historical battles. Madinah is rich with cultural heritage, museums, vast date palm groves and traditional old markets that stand side-by-side with the most modern of shopping malls and arcades.
    • A city that never sleeps, Jeddah is known as the Bride of the Red Sea. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful beaches and traditional markets, characterized by the habits, folklore and traditional dishes of Jeddah's people. Enjoy diving into the Red Sea; unforgettable cruises, exploring archeological sites, culture-rich festivals and modern shopping malls.
    • It is called the City of Roses, as you can smell the fragrance of roses from neighboring orchards. Famous for its salubrious climate, scenic beauty and variety of fruits that attract tourists from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, Taif also has a very old history.
    • Dammam is the regional capital of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. This is home to a vast sea, beautiful beaches and excellent fishing spots. It is a favorite destination for tourists from different parts of the Kingdom.
    • Buraidah is a beautiful city and you will be amazed with its diversity, history and culture. While in Buraidah, make sure to visit Hasat Antarah, the date city and the Buraidah Museum to see the marvelous collection of historical artifacts.
    • Al-Ahsa is an oasis rich with green spaces and water springs. It is the land of welfare, beauty, and good people. Also, it is the biggest governorate in the Eastern Province and a place of multiple historical civilizations and archeological sites.
    • Don’t miss the chance to visit the city of Ha’il, where you will discover an ancient civilization that still lives on through the city’s antiquities, heritage, culture and the ancient Arab traditions of the locals. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the vibrant atmosphere and the enthusiast appreciation by locals for exploring the deserts and valleys when the weather is cool. Other outdoor activities include mountain climbing, bird hunting, and even rally racing! Great adventures await you in Ha’il!
    • This is the home of the sea, the snow, the magnificent coastline, sunny islands with luxurious coral reefs. Tabuk is also home to several tourism sites, including Maliha, Mu’edhim Castle, Sheq, Sukkar Springs, Mguena Beach, Kiyal Valley, Ancient Castle, Snafer Islad and Ras Al Sheikh Humaid.
    • The glistening sea, unique islands, majestic mountains and vast plains make Jazan a diverse and memorable place to visit. Additionally, its forests, lakes, and waterfalls offer picturesque settings for visitors to relax and enjoy nature.
    • The beautiful gardens and majestic mountain range of Hijaz will take you by surprise. Al Baha is small in size but impressive in its splendor. It is known for the majestic Sarawat mountain range, which is often enveloped in thick fog during the winter. The temperatures are moderate in the Tuhama plains.
    • Known for its cool, mild climate, fog and immense mountains, Abha City is the bride of the south and the administrative center of the Aseer Province. Abha is rich with natural scenery and mild climate in summer. It includes a large number of monuments and palaces, such as Shada Palace and the Rejal Alma, as well as old traditional markets like Tuesday Market, where you can buy precious antiques and souvenirs. There are also many modern commercial centers scattered in the city.
    • Najran is a city filled with incredible examples of archeology, history and civilization, providing the visitor with an endless diversity of attractions and activities. The expansive landscapes and sand dune formations in the nearby Empty Quarter are amazing to view. Nnatural reserves, parks and recreational cities provide plenty of things to do and places to visit. Najran is truly the land of nature, history, heritage and biodiversity!
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