• A city that never sleeps, Jeddah is known as the Bride of the Red Sea. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful beaches and traditional markets, characterized by the habits, folklore and traditional dishes of Jeddah's people. Enjoy diving into the Red Sea; unforgettable cruises, exploring archeological sites, culture-rich festivals and modern shopping malls.

 Jeddah City

​ It is a city that attracts poets, businessmen, students and shoppers. It is a popular tourist destination due to its clubs, cruises, large shopping malls, restaurants and cafes that are open until the early hours of the morning.  

 Atraction Sities

 Jeddah and its Surrounding



    • The museum includes many heritage pieces such as coins, stamps, gems and documents, in addition to Arabian coffee tools, copperware, jewelry, silverware, a display of Royal Family photos, weapons and war instruments. Visitors can also browse a recreated Bedouin information area and displays of glass and copperware.
      Al Jufaini Museum
    • This four-floor museum offers a collection of artefacts displaying human civilization throughout the ages. Offering an in-depth guide to Saudi and Islamic history beautifully retold through displays of recreated Bedouin houses, furniture, pottery and clothes. This city is a cultural front for the nation with its three museums: Al Tayebat Museum for Human Civilizations, Home Arts Museum, and Abdel-Raouf Khalil Museum. Collectively they offer more than 200,000 books, reference documents and manuscripts.
      Al Tayebat City Museum
    • It was established in 1407 AH in Hedaa, Mecca. It is concerned with the Hejazi and Southern traditional heritage, clothes, and jewelry that distinguish each region. It includes tools of making coffee and tea, and some rare newspapers, in addition to a collection of old paper money, silver coins, and metal coins.
      Al Maaz Heritage Museum



 Shopping Centers


    • Jeddah is famous for the authentic Hejazi folk arts, which is passed from one generation to the other until today. The most famous folk art is "Majas" in which the lead singer "al jasees" sings in a charming voice and sweet melodies. Another art is Mizmar, which is a folklore dance accompanied by songs about glory and heroism.
    • Ordinary men wear white and blue thawb, with a belt made of wool. It comes in two types: Al Kharasani, which is made in Kharasan; and Al Kashmiri, which is made in Kashmir. Some people wear vests. Women wear vests with short sleeves that do not exceed the elbow.
      Traditional Dress
    • You can taste the delicious traditional foods and dishes which Jeddah is famous for. The traditional foods are one of the most important elements of the tourist experience in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has a unique variety of dishes, the most famous are:


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