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Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam, and the land of the Arab. It includes the Two Holy Mosques. The kingdom is where Arab tribes originated in and early Arab civilizations flourished. Whom looking for real Arab hospitality; the Kingdom is the home of Arab culture, authentic traditions and customs.

Travel in KSA is a fun, easy, and a safe tourist experience, nevertheless, the preplanning of the trip will help you gain the utmost benefit from your trip.
Here you will find visitor information with regard to entry requirements, customs and the like assisting for travel in and out of Saudi. You will also find information that can facilitate the planning of your trip including: tourism program operators, tour guides specialized in holidays, and possible tours for you to enjoy.​

 Before and during your travels

SCTA has made available all-year-round 24-hour tourism contact center including official holidays offering adequate information, guidance​​
    SCTH​ has made available all-year-round 24-hour tourism contact center including official holidays offering ...
    How to plan your trip
    Dear Guest - Welcome to the official Saudi Arabia visa information page. Every citizen of a foreign country must ...
    Visa Issuance
    There are 4 school holidays in the year in Saudi Arabia divided as follows...
    Official School Breaks
    Knowledge of official holidays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides an opportunity for better planning for a wonderful holiday. The official weekend for the public ...
    Official Holidays
    Of late, a number of cases being infected with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Coronavirus have been recorded in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Health...
    Health and Safety
    In order to enjoy a pleasant trip to the kingdom, we are glad to provide you with handy tips that you may need during your stay in the kingdom

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    Plan your route and search for trekking organizer to organize your holiday....
    Tourism Operator
    Plan your route and search for a guided tour to help you during your trip ...
    You can enjoy the most prominent attractions of saudi arabia...
    Tourism Trips
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