National Museum

National Museum is located on the eastern side of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre, in the Murabba district of Riyadh next to King Abdulaziz Al Murabba Palace.

Built on a land area of about 17000 m², the total area of the building is around 28,000 m² including different floors.  The Museum was opened by King Fahd, (May God bless his soul) in 1419 AH, within the grand opening of King Abdulaziz Historical Center on the occasion of the centenary of the march of King Abdul Aziz into Riyadh after its conquest in 1319 AH.
The display program for the Museum has been developed to build a foundation matching the quality of those worthy of respect.

The building structure of National Museum, architecturally interacts with the volumetric composition of historical buildings and castles of King Abdulaziz.

Its shape was developed as a modern complement to the comprehensive physical configuration and detailed solutions compatible with human scale, contributing to the revitalization of tourism within the city of Riyadh.

As you step into the Museum, you will be lead to the chronology of Man and Universe through a well-organized display of artifacts, documents, manuscripts and documentary films since the beginning of the creation of the universe to the modern time. You can also explore through the eight halls of the Museum, where you can learn about the Arabian Peninsula through historical and architectural designs chronologically, through audio and visual presentations.

The museum presentation techniques adopted here highlights the story of the Kingdom and the early stages of its development and growth. The eight gallery halls are customized to display the chronology of the unification of Saudi Arabia, the Arab kingdoms, and the emergence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula through a range of movable and immovable models. The National Museum no doubt is a unique place one must visit while in Riyadh.