Unaizah is the oldest city in Qassim Province, and it is the land of farms, orchards, and abundant water. In addition, many places nearby are interesting tourist destinations.

For example, you can take a short trip to the nearby Nafud and marvel at the sight of the golden sands in the middle of the Al-Ghatha forests (a type of firewood), which form a magnificent belt.

If you visit during the summer, you can enjoy one of the most important air shows of falcons and participate in a group of games with sport and cultural contests,. If you are a fan of driving in the desert, head to Nafud Al-Mighisliyah. On the other hand, if you enjoy listening to poems and old tales and seeing traditional arts, be sure to visit Diwaniyat Al-Ghatah. 

For those who have a longer vacation time, plan a trip to Buraidah, the capital and largest city of Qassim, where you can enjoy museums, parks, markets, traditional handicrafts and more. The busy city of Riyadh is an easy 3-hour drive via well-maintained highway. There you can enjoy fine cuisine, museums, parks, entertainment, sports and all the amenities of a major city. For a quieter, more relaxed vacation, head west to Madinah.