Yanbu features some of the most beautiful beaches that are caressed by sunlight and coral reefs, painting very unique and rarely seen landscape. It is a city of culture and industry that competes with other great cities of the world.

Yanbu is an ideal place to take a short break or to relax at the end of a long work week. Given the diversity in Yanbu, you can visit and experience firsthand the rural community of Yanbu Al Nakhel, or the fishing community of Yanbu Al Bahr, or the industrial Yanbu.

Embrace both the present and future in Yanbu Al Nakhel through the old town and historical features, as well as the Arak Resort, spectacular coasts, soft sands, and calm waters of Yanbu Al Bahr.

If you would like to extend your holiday, you can visit Madina and enjoy a more calm and relaxed atmosphere, or travel or travel only 300 km  north to Tabuk, the Saudi’s gateway.