Al Jouf is an olive oil resort of Saudi Arabia.  The atmosphere is usually filled with the sweet aroma of olives. It is the home to a diverse natural environment, and a place of deep cultural heritage and handicrafts. Its strategic location has made it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the Kingdom.

For a short break or weekend, Al Jouf is a perfect destination, where you can spend your special moments.  It is a different world where dazzling and diverse cultural heritage takes you back in time and you can relish the high quality olives and delicious dates, as well as converge upon the beautiful handicrafts.

Al Jouf has a multi-spectral terrain. Its strategic location resulted in impressive monuments like the historic Zabal Fort, which is a unique and popular site to visit and explore, and the Omar bin Al-Khattab Mosque is distinguished for its resilient and appealing high-rise minaret. The famous Kaf village that still maintains the ancient style of short mud houses.

To enlarge your holiday and make your trip longer, you can explore the diversity of neighboring tourist destinations bordering Al Jouf, such as, the Northern Border, Hail and Tabuk.