Ha'il, is the heart of authentic Arab hospitality and generosity. It is the land of famous poet Hatem Al-Ta’i, stories about whose extreme generosity dot the entire Arab world and the Asia region.  Hail is considered as the fruit of Aja Mountain, which is the source of abundant fresh water streams.  Hail is a place to enjoy watching starry skies in the nights surrounded by golden Nafud sands.

If you only have a short time to spend here, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy. You can spend hours gazing at the beautiful Aja mountain peaks or climb to their tops. Participate in the bird hunting trips, enjoy sand-boarding and sand-duning using 4x4 vehicles in the Nafud desert. If you are a real adventurist, do not miss the thrill of Hail International Rally of racing cars in the Nafud desert, and if you want to travel back in time, you can visit the Hail regional museum, which will narrate to you the stories as well as history of the region.

If you have extended you’re your stay, then do not forget to visit the historic city of Fed in Hail about 110 km away from the city, two hours drive by your car, you can see the ancient city wall, which is one of the most important and largest archaeological sites in the region. Explore the castles and forts, and the dams that are built using black stones abundant in the area. Explore even further and visit the Jubbah archaeological area, which is famous for being the largest rock inscription site in the Kingdom.