Cultural Dimension of Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia holds a prestigious position among all the nations of the world as a whole. God has distinguished it by making it the cradle of Islam and home to the Two Holy Mosques and also blessed it with a wealth of natural and human resources.  In addition to that, it occupies a leading and constructive role in the political arena of the region. Kingdom has an important cultural dimension over and above its religious, economic and political dimensions. This cultural dimension can be summarized as follows: 

  • Its depth of civilization, which dates back to more than a million years ago, as confirmed by the archaeological evidence and the heritage prevalent in the country.
  • The many kingdoms and states founded on this land have contributed to the development of human civilization. 
  • Its geographical location makes it a point of intersection of international trade routes across all the ages.
  • The birthplace of Arabs and Islam and the home of the Two Holy Mosques
  • ​A melting pot of civilizations and a bridge for cultural communication 

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